Comet Chain Drive Centrifugal Clutches & Parts for Go Karts & Mini Bikes

Comet Chain Drive Centrifugal Clutches & Replacement Parts

Comet 400 series clutches have more contact surface than most competitors. Almost 3-3/4 square inches of steel friction material engagement shoe surface assures positive pulling power as long as the RPM is in full contact range. For up to 5 hp 4-cycle engines. Approximate engagement of 2200 rpm.  
Comet SCS 400 series clutch is durable. With heavy duty needle bearings. Designed and built for direct drive mini-bikes and go-karts, one of the most rugged applications ever required of a modestly-priced automatic centrifugal clutch. Having extra ability for rough service. For up to 7 horsepower 4 cycle engines. Approximate engagement of 2000 rpm.