Go Kart Axles, Jackshafts, Forward/Reverse Gearbox

Go Kart axles & axle mounting kits. Live axle bearing kits. Mini Bike jackshafts.

The Comet SCD-1 differential kit is designed for applications where convential differential action is required, such as utility vehicles, go-karts, line marking equipment, floor care equipment, turf equipment, and industrial equipment. The Comet SCD-1 has been constructed with a heavy duty die cast aluminum housing, tapered in design to give added strength to the unit. The pinion gears and straight beveled gears are high quality steel cut gears. Coupled with bearings that are self-lubricating, the unit requires a minimum of maintenance and will give maximum performance at a reasonable cost. Splined output shafts are available in different lengths and must be ordered seperately. 
The Comet Gearbox is for go-karts, utility vehicles and other applications up to 16 hp. Lightweight, rugged gearbox that allows operator the selection of three positions: forward, neutral and reverse. Forward ratio 1:1 and reverse ratio is 2.7:1. Use this box with a Comet torque converter system.