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Oregon brand Chainsaw Chain

  • How do I measure the length of my chain?

    • The length of your chain is determined by counting the number of drive links.
    • Chain Length
  • What is Chain Pitch?

    • Chain pitch is the distance between any three consective rivets divided by two. Pitch defines the size of the chain. 1/4" is the smallest, 3/8" and .325" is the most common for hand held chain saws. For Harvester machines the pitch is usually .404" or 3/4". Other parts of the cutting elements are pitch related. The drive sprocket on the saw must be the same pitch as the chain, and so must the nose sprocket on sprocket-nose bars.
    • Chain Pitch
  • What is Chain Gauge?

    • Chain Gauge is the Drive Link's thickness where it fits into the guide bar groove. The gauge of the chain and the gauge of the guide bar must match. Hand held chainsaws use either .050", .058" or .063" gauge.
    • Chain Gauge