Yamaha Front Left ATV Brake Pads. 04 YFZ450

Part #: VD-340-H3

List Price: $42.44

Our Price: $16.11
Application: 04 YFZ450 (front left side only)
OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Yamaha 1S3-W0045-10, Yamaha 3JD-W0045-00, Yamaha 3LD-W0045-10, Yamaha 3SP-W0045-00, Yamaha 3XP-W0045-00, Yamaha 4EW-W0045-00, Yamaha 4EW-W0045-01, Yamaha 4GY-W0045-00, Yamaha 4MX-W0045-00, Yamaha 4SS-W0045-00, Yamaha 4TP-W0045-00, 5B4-W0045-10, 5GF-W0045-00, 5RM-W0045-10, 5TG-W0045-00, 5TG-W0045-20, Vesrah SD-340, Vesrah VD-340/2, Vesrah SD-340/2, EBC FA202, EBC FA214, EBC FA135, EBC FA228, EBC FA214/2, SBS 611, SBS 120, SBS 163, SBS 713, Dunlop DP211, Dunlop DP411, Ferodo FDB497, Lockheed LMP211, Lockheed LMP313, Carbone 2288, Carbone 3031, Lucas MCB689, Lucas MCB582, Braking 795, Galfer 187, Vesrah VD-340