Honda Front & Rear ATV Brake Pads. ATC250R, TRX250R, ATC350X ATVs

Part #: VD-134

List Price: $42.44

Our Price: $14.86
Application: 85-86 ATC250R (front & rear)

86-89 TRX250R Fourtrax (rear)

85 ATC350X (front)

OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Honda 06455-KPM-006, Honda 06455-KPM-016, Honda 43105-HB9-008, Honda 431A0-HB9-008, Honda 45105-G04-601, Honda 45105-HA2-671, Honda 45105-KA3-731, Honda 45105-KE1-742, Honda 45105-KE1-743, Honda 45105-KE1-744, Honda 45105-KM1-004, Honda 45105-KS5-004, Honda 45105-KS5-006, Honda 45105-KS5-024, Honda 45105-MG3-006, Honda 451A0-K13-731, Honda 451A0-MG3-670, Honda 06455-GCC-B51, Honda 06455-GCC-B52, Honda 06455-GCS-006, Honda 06455-GCS-016, Honda 06455-GCS-026, Honda 06455-GCS-405, Honda 06455-KCW-405, Honda 45105-KM1-007, Honda 45105-KM1-710, Honda 45105-KM1-711, Honda 45105-KM1-712, Vesrah VD-134/2, Vesrah VD-134/3, Vesrah SD-134, Vesrah SD-134/2, Vesrah SD-134/3, EBC FA92, EBC FA323, EBC FA92/2, EBC FA323/2, EBC FA323/3, SBS 558, SBS 104, SBS 709, SBS 125, SBS 174, Dunlop DP114, Dunlop DP812, Dunlop DP966, Ferodo FDB382, Dunlop FDB2086, Lockheed LMP158, Lockheed LMP309, Carbone 2451, Carbone 3019, Carbone 2252, Lucas MCB534, Lucas MCB685, Lucas MCB746, Braking 667, Galfer 63, Vesrah VD-134