Honda Front ATV Brake Pads. Smaller ATVs

Part #: VB-101

List Price: $18.69

Our Price: $12.49

Includes brake shoes and springs.

Application: 93-04 TRX90, 84-87 ATC125M, 85-88 TRX125 Fourtrax, 80-83 ATC185/S

81-86 ATC200/E/ES/M/S

OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Honda 06430-GAG-003, Honda 06430-GAG-505, Honda 06430-KS3-921, Honda 06450-096-651, Honda 06450-096-652, Honda 06450-096-654, Honda 06450-178-932, Honda 06450-968-681, Honda 06450-GAG-003, Honda 06450-HF7-J20, Honda 43120-383-900, Honda 43120-GW2-9020-M1, Honda 43120-KCX-9000, Honda 43120-KG8-003, Honda 43120-KG8-005, Honda 43120-KS3-921, Honda 43120-KS3-922, Honda 43120-KV7-671, Honda 4312A-KCX-900, Honda 4312A-KG8-003, Honda 4312A-KXCX-910, Honda 4312A-LAB4-90B, Honda 45120-001-010, Honda 45120-096-651, Honda 45120-096-652, Honda 45120-155-003, Honda 45120-968-681, Honda 45120-GAG-003, Honda 45120-GB0-900, Honda 45120-GC8-005, Honda 45120-KCX-9000, EBC 893, EBC 303, SBS 2012, Vesrah VB-101