Bearing Buddy for 2" hubs (pair)

Part #: 1980

List Price: $39.33

Our Price: $29.95
The ultimate in trailer wheel bearing protectors. It replaces the dust cap in the wheel hub. The hub is filled with grease through a fitting on the Bearing Buddy. The patented spring loaded piston then holds a slight pressure inside the hub. When wheels are submerged, this higher inside pressure (together with the hub being full of grease) keeps water out. The automatic relief valve feature limits pressure inside the hub to protect the rear seals from rupture. Since the hub is full of grease, the bearings receive constant lubrication and the rear seals last - they ride on a greased surface. Bearing Buddy allows quick lubrication level check and ends the need to repack bearings. Bearing Buddy is made of steel and each unit is inspected to assure tight, long term hub fit. Model 1980 fits 80% of all trailer hubs (other sizes are available).
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