Total Cover

Part #: TC-1005

List Price: $186.95

Our Price: $169.99
Heavy duty 600 denier polyester; resistant to tears and fading.

Expandable fabric covers windshield handlebar area: fits all windshield heights.

Cover is reinforced at the ski, suspension and handlebar area to eliminate wear-through.

Covers entire ski and suspension area to protect vital suspension components from road spray and corrosion.

Completely trailerable; zippered access for fueling.

One size fits all; 1-up and long track models fit over handlebar risers and hooks (will not cover extended tunnel and/or rack).

Tie down system shapes cover to fit any size machine.

Two year prorated warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Fits the following models:

Arctic Cat: 03 F5/F7 Firecat, 97-99 Jag & Puma 1-up, 97-03 ZL chassis, 93-03 ZR chassis, 95-03 ZR Mountain Cat chassis*, 95-02 ZRT chassis, 95-02 ZRT Mountain Cat chassis*.

Polaris: 88-98 Indy standard chassis, 94-99 Indy Evolved chassis, 96-99 Indy Aggressive chassis, 00-03 Indy Generation II chassis, 01-03 Indy Edge chassis, Indy SKS/RMK*.

Ski-Doo: 98-03 CK3 chassis, 93-97 F200 chassis, 95-01 S2000 chassis, 99-03 ZX chassis, 94-03 Summit*, 03 MX Z rev.

Yamaha: 94-03 Mountain Max*, 03 RX-1, 00-03 SX, 98-02 SRX, 02-03 SX Viper, 92-03 Vmax.

* Will not cover extended tunnel and/or racks.

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