SM-04124 - Ski-Doo Snowmobile Hydraulic Rear Center Suspension Shock (many 02-04 Legend models)

Part #: SM-04124

List Price: $211.00

Regular Price: $120.50

Sale $44.99

Replaces Ski-Doo 503189804 rear center suspension shock. Fits the following models:

  • 02 Legend 500 / 600 / 700 / 800
  • 03 Grand Touring SE 800 SDI
  • 03 Legend 500 / 600 / 700
  • 03 Legend SE 800 SDI
  • 04 Legend 500 SS
  • 04 Legend 600 HO SDI
  • 04 Legend 700
  • 04 Legend 800 SDI


One very important point about shock absorbers is that shock absorbers do not support the Snowmobile or ATV weight. Instead, the primary purpose of the shock absorber is to dampen spring and suspensions movement. If your snowmobile or ATV is sagging the problem isn't the shock but the suspension spring(s).

Standard hydraulic shock absorbers use air and oil to cushion the stroke of the shock absorber. A gas shock replaces the air in the shock with pressurized nitrogen gas. The nitrogen in the gas shock keeps it cooler than a hydraulic shock. Also when a hydraulic shock is used on a rough surface (ie: washboard) the hydraulic oil foams or forms bubbles thus reducing it effectiveness. The nitrogen in gas shock absorbers helps to eliminate the potential for the oil to foam.

An additional benefit of a gas shock absorber is that it creates a mild boost in spring rate to your ATV or Snowmobile. This does not mean that a gas charged shock would raise the vehicle up to correct ride height if the springs were sagging.