X-Calibar Studs

Find Parts For Your Snowmobile:

X-Calibar Snowmobile studs are specifically designed to offer safety and traction for your track. Safety is often overlooked at the point-of-purchase. Common sense tells us the "ability to stop" is the definition of safety. X-calibar studs are specifically designed to work on all tracks. X-calibar studs are threaded all the way down for excellent performance on thinner tracks - so you can properly secure your stud. The X-calibar stud has a thin head and no shoulder which does not deform the track; which prolongs track life. X-calibar studs have an 80 degree tip for long life. The 80 degree tip doesn't wear down as fast as sharper tips and bites longer on ice and hard packed snow.

X-Calibar backing plates are available in steel or ultra-light aluminum. Square or round. 
Diamond backers were designed to be lightweight and strong, while using a metal locknut. The diamond head pattern enhances traction; making them the first and only backer to improve acceleration, braking and control. 
Finally, no compromises, space age strength AND dramatic weight savings. The Ultra-Lite's unique one piece design delivers strength superior to steel for about 1/6 the weight. Takes the place of traditional backing plate and nut. Self-tapping. Made from a special nylon composite for superior strength. Will fit all sizes of push-through studs. Also available are heavy duty Ultra-Lites for 1.15 studs and longer.