Comet 108 4-Pro Clutch

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Comet 108 4-Pro Snowmobile Clutches

The Comet 108 4-PRO Snowmobile Clutch utilizes four clutch weights rather than three, greatly enhancing tuneability.

Arms can be used in sets of two, to allow you to zero in on the amount of weight desired

Captivated tower allows the shouldered cover bolts to virtually eliminate tower spreading

Due to adding a fourth load bearing member, the roller and button life is increased

New moveable sheave bushing, higher heat and wear resistance extends clutch performance.

To determine the proper cam arms add the weight of the 3 cam arms used in the 108-exp or other 3 post clutches, plus 14% and divide by 4. This is the new cam arm weight for the Comet 4-PRO Snowmobile Clutch.