Centrifugal Clutches & Parts

Find Parts For Your Snowmobile:

Stock, Performance and Racing replacement Snowmobile centrifugal clutches for Kitty Cat, Ski-Doo Mini-Z, Arctic Cat Z 120, Arctic Cat ZR 120, Polaris XCR120, and Polaris 120 XC SP. Alternate springs and sprockets for Comet and Hilliard Centrifugal clutches. Allow changing engagement rpm.

Unlimited track tunable with the ability to change the engagement speed by changing the springs, and changing the weights in the shoes, as well as the ability to change the torque output of the clutch by changing the weight of the shoes, and the configuration in which they are run. Blaze clutch replaces Blizzard clutch. 
Track tunable without chain removal. Quick changing spring design for changing the engagement speed. Fury clutch replaces Flurry clutch.