Repairing Your Outdoor Power Equipment Manual

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Repairing Your Outdoor Power Equipment is a new resource which shows you how to successfully service and repair your favorite outdoor power equipment, including: lawnmowers and garden tractors, snow throwers, leaf blowers, chain saw, portable pumps, and more! Complete with step-by-step photo sequences, this book will introduce you to the professional failure analysis and servicing techniques you need to keep your eqiupment in top condition, while highlighting the operation of basic two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Safety precautions and troubleshooting skills are emphasized in every chapter to ensure your success. There's even a full section in Repairing Your Outdoor Power Equipment which allows you to conduct a failure analysis and learn to rebuild a failed engine!

Popular outdoor power equipment is used to show you the ins and outs of ignition and fuel systems, lubrication systems, cooling and exhaust systems, and more

Step-by-step photo sequences are included to illustrate frequently used service techniques

An opportunity to "test" your knowledge by conducting a failure analysis and successfully rebuilding a failed engine is included

Troubleshooting and failure analysis is emphasized in every chapter to assist as you master new servicing and repair techniques.

Safety is emphasized throughout, with discussion of professional certification requirements for readers interested in turning a hobby into a lucrative business.