Candlepower 702212 7" Motorcycle Halogen Headlamp

Part #: H702212

List Price: $73.44

Regular Price: $37.36

Sale $18.89

Upgrade your Motorcycle 7" sealed beam with this Candlepower Halogen headlamp. This headlamp is the most recognized brand in the motorcycle industry and has the best reputation for quality and performance.

This Halogen headlamp has a replaceable H4 bulb with a P43T base that can be replaced when it fails, no need to buy a new headlamp. These Candlepower H4 headlamps have a high quality metal reflector and high quality glass lens unlike the all glass sealed beam units that is trash when it fails. Aside from being a permanent headlamp the photo metrics are much more superior to the sealed units. The beam pattern is much tighter with much less stray light which puts the light were it is needed the most. Twice the illumination of standard sealed beams.

Comes complete with headlamp assembly, 60/55 H4 bulb, retaining clip, rubber seal for bulb and rubber seal for trim ring.

Work with these replacement bulbs: 01-6260PLUS , 01-6260SW , 01-6260SA , or 01-6260h

Fits many Japanese motorcycles with a 7" sealed beam.

For use on motorcycles that have mounting tabs built into the headlamp.

D.O.T. approved