Draggin-Skin 4 Cycle Racing Clutch. 3/4" bore.

Part #: AZ2230

List Price: $174.95

Our Price: $139.99

The availability of this product is unknown. We may have it in stock but it might need to be special ordered. If you want to confirm availability before you order, please contact us.

10/18/16 Update - The manufacturer is working on a new material for the brake shoe and is having problems perfecting it. They haven't manufactured any clutches in the last 14 months and have not date when they will be able to start production back up. In the mean time we suggest you look at our Hilliard brand clutches. We have them in stock and they are a great product.

Draggin-skin 4 cycle racing clutch is for all four cycle kart racers who want consistency in engagement with flexibility in tuning the clutch.

3 Interchangeaable #35 drive sprockets 13, 14 and 15 teeth.

For 3/4" bore, 2-1/2 to 17 hp engines.

The 4 spring sets can be used in sets or mixed.

Automatic centrifugal engagement & release.

Bonded, non-asbestos resin linings.

Can be mounted inboard or outboard.

Exceptional performance.

Full instructions included.