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1997 Yamaha ATV Parts

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1997 Yamaha ATV — Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit

  • Aftermarket Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit for Various 1985-2014 Make and Model ATV's

    Part #: 18-3038-R

    • OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part.: Arctic Cat 3006-112, Arctic Cat 3406-077, Arctic Cat 3406-043, Arctic Cat 3406-033, Arctic Cat 3406-038, Arctic Cat 3406-026, Arctic Cat 3423-592, Arctic Cat 3406-076, Honda 90545-300-000, Honda 46472-568-000, Honda 45215-166-006, Honda 43215-HA5-671, Honda 43215-HC0-671, Honda 43353-461-771, Honda 45109-961-006, Honda 45132-166-016, Honda 45133-166-016, Honda 06451-961-405, Honda 45209-961-006, Honda 91358-964-006, Honda 43200-HA5-673, Honda 43200-HA5-672, Honda 43200-HC0-405, Honda 43200-HC0-007, Honda 43200-HC0-671, Honda 43200-HC0-681, Honda 43200-HM3-006, Honda 43250-HM3-305, Honda 43200-HA5-008, Honda 43250-HN1-006, Honda 43250-HN1-A41, Kawasaki 49091-0001, Kawasaki 43067-001, Kawasaki 92200-S014, Kawasaki 43049-1023, Kawasaki 43049-1024, Kawasaki 43049-S008, Kawasaki 43057-1001, Kawasaki 43057-S002, Kawasaki 49006-1088, Kawasaki 49006-S007, Kawasaki 49006-1089, Kawasaki 49006-S021, Kawasaki 92001-1723, Kawasaki 92043-S043, Kawasaki 92055-1351, Kawasaki 92055-S070, Kawasaki 43041-1575, Kawasaki 43080-S004, Kawasaki 43080-0058, Suzuki 09161-10009, Suzuki 59108-13A00, Suzuki 69100-13820, Suzuki 59107-13A00, Suzuki 69322-19A00, Suzuki 59386-13A00, Suzuki 59303-13A00, Suzuki 59345-13A00, Suzuki 59122-01A00, Suzuki 69100-35B00, Suzuki 69100-22A01, Suzuki 69100-22A00, Suzuki 69100-22A11, Suzuki 69100-19A01, Suzuki 69100-19A10, Suzuki 69100-01C00-999, Suzuki 69100-01C00, Suzuki 69100-07G00-999, Suzuki 69100-07G10-999, Suzuki 69100-33H00-999, Suzuki 69100-43B00, Yamaha 90201-10118-00, Yamaha 1UY-W0047-50-00, Yamaha 5LP-W0047-50-00, Yamaha 36Y-W0048-00-00, Yamaha 1UY-W0048-50-00, Yamaha 1UY-25924-51-00, Yamaha 1UY-25937-51-00, Yamaha 1UY-25917-51-00, Yamaha 5LP-2580W-10-00, Yamaha 5LP-2580W-00-00, Yamaha 5YT-2580W-10-00, Yamaha 5YT-2580W-00-00, Yamaha 1UY-2580W-01-00, Yamaha 1UY-2580W-00-00, Yamaha 5TG-2580W-00-00
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