Yamaha Rear ATV Brake Pads. 84-87 YT/YF60, 85-88 BW200 Big Wheel

Part #: VB-229-H3

List Price: $17.95

Regular Price: $13.99

Sale $12.89

Application: 84-87 YT/YF60, 85-88 BW200 Big Wheel
OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Yamaha 14A-25130-00, Yamaha 18A-25330-00, Yamaha 18A-W2534-00, Yamaha 1KH-25330-00, Yamaha 1KH-W2536-00, Yamaha 22F-25330-00, Yamaha 22F-W2534-00, Yamaha 296-W2536-00, Yamaha 2JL-W2536-00, Yamaha 2JL-W2536-10, Yamaha 2JN-W2536-00, Yamaha 36R-25330-00, Yamaha 36R-W2536-00, Yamaha 3AC-W2534-00, Yamaha 3AC-W2536-00, Yamaha 4BE-W2536-00, Yamaha 4BE-W253E-00, Yamaha 4BX-25330-10, Yamaha 4BX-W2536-00, Yamaha 4BX-W2536-10, Yamaha 4BX-W253E-00, Yamaha 4BX-W253G-00, Yamaha 4CW-W2534-01, Yamaha 4KN-W2534-11, Yamaha 4KN-W2536-00, Yamaha 4KN-W2536-11, Yamaha 4KN-W253E-11, Yamaha 4KN-W253G-00, Yamaha 5G3-25130-02, Yamaha 5G3-25330-00, Yamaha 5G3-25330-01, Yamaha 5G3-W2534-00, Yamaha 5G3-W2535-00, Yamaha 5HO-25330-00, Yamaha 5HO-W2536-00, EBC 503, EBC 518, EBC 887, SBS 2028, SBS 2050, Dunlop 9111, Dunlop 9140, Vesrah VB-229