Torq-A-Verter, 3/4" Bore 10 Teeth, #40/41 Chain Torque Converter. Made in the USA

Part #: 218353A

List Price: $218.66

Our Price: $196.79

The Torq-A-Verter is a fully automatic variable speed drive system (torque converter). There are no gears, no complicated controls or levers and neither manual shifting nor clutching is involved in these systems. The unique design of the movable face in each driver and driven member causes automatic infinite variation and thus smooth shifting action between the system's low and high range in immediate response to changing load and/or travel conditions..with constant optium ratio between engine and drive wheels ensuring that you get the use of all the power your engine develops. Since ratio selection and "down-shifting" is automatic, braking and vehicle control are enhanced. The Torq-A-Verter system engages at 2200 rpm. As the engine throttle is "opened" the drive belt engages, driving the driven unit at it's largest diameter. This is the most powerful ratio of the system (2.7:1). At the highest speed (overdrive) and lowest load demand the driven unit pulley flanges are wide open providing the smallest possible belt contact diameter. The drive unit pulley flanges are closed to provide the largest possible belt contact diameter. This gives the system an overdrive ratio of .90:1.

Recommended H.P.:

  • MAX: 8 H.P.  2 Cycle
  • MAX: 8 H.P.  4 Cycle

Used on Ken-Bar karts and also replaces the Baja Motorsports BB65 Blaster 65 Go-Kart torque converter.

Made in the USA, beware of the foreign imitator versions