Comet 102C Clutch for Snowmobiles with Kawasaki Engines

Part #: 208306A

List Price: $376.87

Our Price: $322.20
  • 30mm 1:10 tapered bore
  • 1-1/4" wide belts.
  • Limited application. This clutch is only for those Kawasaki engines found as original equipment in Kawasaki brand & John Deere brand snowmobiles, and also 1981 Yamaha SRX model.
  • Strong, reliable & lightweight
  • Adjustable to Snowmobile Engine power curve by changing cam arms & springs.
  • Does not come with cam arms & springs (purchase separately)
  • Suggested calibration is 211333A1 F-2 cam arms (3 needed) and 204115A black spring (1 needed). Calibration is not necessarily suited for all applications.

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