Comet 102C Clutch for Yamaha Snowmobiles

Part #: 208301A

List Price: $376.85

Our Price: $322.20

This clutch is ONLY for those Yamaha models built from about 1974 to the present which require a gear attached to the back side of clutch for driving the oil injection system. Included among the models this clutch fits are some GP series models, most Exciters, etc. This Comet clutch does NOT interchange with nor fit all Yamaha "geared" models. Will not fit 74-75 GP433 or 76 GP440.

  • 30mm 1:10 taper bore
  • 1-15/64" to 1-1/4" belt width
  • Strong reliable & lightweight
  • Adjustable to Snowmobile Engine power curve by changing cam arms & springs

This clutch comes without cam arms & springs. The suggested calibration is 211333A F-2 cam arms (3 required) and 204818A silver spring (1 required).

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