Heavy duty, adjustable engagement, Comet LA 350 series centrifugal clutch. 3/4" bore. 1/2" pitch chain. 11 tooth.

Part #: 011135A

List Price: $115.71

Our Price: $104.14

Use the Comet LA 350 series centrifugal clutches for 4 cycle engines to 6 hp, and 2 cycle engines up to 9 hp.

"Variable cam" rotor action adjustable for gradual or abrupt engagement. Excellent for industrial and utility applications plus go-karts, mini snowmobiles, etc.

Ease of installation and maintenance with fewer parts to be concerned about. 3/4" bore for #40, #41, or #420 chain.

Stock this clutch engages at 1800/2000 rpms.

Other springs available to change the engagement rpm from 1100/1300 to 3100/3300 rpms.

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