60/55 Watt Vosla Plus-100 Xenon Headlight Bulb (most popular) for Snowmobiles, Motorcycles & ATVs

Part #: 01-6260PLUS

List Price: $42.99

Our Price: $14.99

60/55W S-Base Vosla Plus-100 Xenon Headlight Bulb. P43T base.

This Vosla lamp is a quality Germany manufactured product that puts 100% more light on the road then the standard original equipment halogen bulbs. The biggest advantage of this new technology is the ability to add 100% more light output without having to increase the wattage or amperage drawn. The Xenon gas used in this lamp is more efficient than standard halogen lamps and provides for increased brightness. Another upgrade on these Vosla Plus-100 lamp is the filament used, which is designed with a tighter tolerance that allows for more lumen output within the designed beam pattern.

This Vosla Plus-100 lamp is still standard wattage and does not draw any additional amperage. Therefore, it will last just as long as the standard replacement lamps and does not require an upgrade to the original wiring and socket.

OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Arctic Cat 0109-724, Polaris 2870448, Polaris 4030026, Yamaha 8G9-84314-00, Yamaha 5V2-84314-00, Yamaha 2F9-84314-00, Yamaha 8FP-84314-00, Ski-Doo 515-1762-74, Honda 34901-MC7-602, Honda 34901-MS2-671, Honda 34901-MS2-672, Suzuki 09471-12060, Honda 34901-950-003, Honda 34901-KJ9-003, Honda 34901-MC7-601HA, Honda 34901-MN5-003, Kawasaki 92069-1002, Kawasaki 92069-1069, Kawasaki 92069-4005, Polaris 4030028, Kawasaki 92069-1114, Honda M7258-453-64403, Ski-Doo 410-5044-01, Can-Am 510-5044-01, Ski-Doo 410-5037-00, Ski-Doo 410503700, Yamaha 8JP-H4314-00-00, Arctic Cat 0609-956

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