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KE-830 - Klotz SnowX4 0W/30 Synthetic Oil (qt)

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KE-830 - Klotz SnowX4 0W/30 Synthetic Oil (qt)

SnowX4 Estorlin Synthetic Lubricant (1 quart 0W/30)

  • Pure Synthetic 4 stroke snowmobile crankcase lubricant
  • Warranty Compliant JASO & API certified
  • -48 degree F enhances flowability for reduced friction in cold weather starts
  • Superior thermal transfer for reduced engine wear
  • Increases torque & throttle response
  • Reduces engines temperature

Klotz Snow X4 Synthetic ESTORLIN is designed for use in 4-stroke stock/modified snowmobile engines. Snow X4 is API and JASO certified for complete warranty compliance.

Recommended for all leading snowmobile manufacturers, including Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha.

ESTORLIN technology is an advanced synthetic lubricity system which contains precision engineered lubricatin molecules that protect engine components, while maximizing horsepower and dramatically improving the throttle response. Snow X4 is specially formulated for cold weather starts at -48 degrees F, with enhanced flowability and reduced friction, providing Less Drag & More Power.

Klotz Snow X4 Synthetic ESTORLIN will challenge and outrun the competition