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Sure Grip Steerable Dollies.

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is limited to our stock on hand. If you want to confirm availability before you order, please contact us.

suregrip - Sure Grip Steerable Dollies.

suregrip suregrip
SUREGRIP Snowmobile Steerable Dollies. The useful tool for your shop, trailer or trail. Works like a wheel kit, allowing snowmobiles to be easily driven under the snowmobile's own power or with the rear track dolly effortlessly rolled by hand

Just slip dollies safety cables over the skis and they're secure, even on grass, gravel roads, or that crack in your driveway. When you need to move your snowmobile on anything but snow, fire up the sled and drive it. Just imagine, no more getting off to swing the back end around. Trailer ramps with any sort of approach angle allow the sled to go right up, protecting trailer beds, ski runners as well as driveways, lawns and garage floors.

SURE GRIPS are also designed for indoor use. For non-powered operation, simply slip the rear swivel track dolly under the track, and the special tabs grip the track so the dolly stays in place, snowmobile can easily be spun 360 degrees; or steered around the garage and into the tightest places. It can also be maneuvered from side-to-side eliminating scratches and scuffs on showroom floors, garages, and driveways.

SUREGRIP dollies have been found to be an ideal tool in the fall, for the driver portion of the youth snowmobile safety training programs. DNR officers in state and national park services use SURE GRIPS to access the trail systems for patrol and rescue at times when snow cover is unfavorable.

SURE GRIP DOLLIES commercial quality feature 5" durable rubber wheels with bronze graphite bearings, nylon coated steel safety cables, and a sturdy swivel track dolly. Solid steel construction made in the USA ensures years of trouble fee use.