Electric PTO Clutch, 1" ID, 5-7/8" CCW pulley, 5/8" belt

Part #: 97773

List Price: $336.17

Regular Price: $252.25

Sale $145.82

Premium Made Replacement Electric Clutch

  • High temperature removeable bearings
  • Machined pulley with replaceable bearing (one solid piece of metal not two pieces welded together) which contributes to better balance, longer wear and a closer tolerance
  • High torque brake with rugged stainless steel rivets
  • Low & high temperature pigtail wire

1" ID Shaft, 5-7/8" CCW Pulley, for 5/8" belts

Fits 50" & 54" Toro / Home Depot 800 series mowers.

Fits Cub Cadet LT1045 & LT1050 mowers.

OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. Rotary 12424, Rotary 12621, Hustler 601784, Stens 255-289, Stens 255-297, Oregon 33-104, Oregon 33-134, Warner 5219-107, Warner 5219-147, Warner 5219-25, Warner 5219-51, Warner 5219-64, Warner 5219-79, Hustler 601784K, Prime Line 7-06298, Bolens 717-04174, Cub Cadet 717-04174, MTD 717-04174, Sears Craftsman 717-04174, Troy Bilt 717-04174, Bolens 717-04174A, Cub Cadet 717-04174A, MTD 717-04174A, Sears Craftsman 717-04174A, Troy Bilt 717-04174A, Cub Cadet 717-05122A, MTD 717-05122A, Troy Bilt 717-05122A, Bolens 717-1774, Cub Cadet 717-1774, MTD 717-1774, Sears Craftsman 717-1774, Troy Bilt 717-1774, Bolens 717-1774B, Cub Cadet 717-1774B, MTD 717-1774B, Sears Craftsman 717-1774B, Troy Bilt 717-1774B, Bolens 717-1774C, Cub Cadet 717-1774C, MTD 717-1774C, Troy Bilt 717-1774C, Bolens 917-04174, Cub Cadet 917-04174, MTD 917-04174, Sears Craftsman 917-04174, Troy Bilt 917-04174, Bolens 917-04174A, Cub Cadet 917-04174A, MTD 917-04174A, Sears Craftsman 917-04174A, Troy Bilt 917-04174A, Bolens 917-05001, Cub Cadet 917-05001, MTD 917-05001, Sears Craftsman 917-05001, Troy Bilt 917-05001, Cub Cadet 917-05122A, MTD 917-05122A, Troy Bilt 917-05122A, Bolens 917-1774, Cub Cadet 917-1774, MTD 917-1774, Sears Craftsman 917-1774, Troy Bilt 917-1774, Bolens 917-1774B, MTD 917-1774B, Sears Craftsman 917-1774B, Troy Bilt 917-1774B, Bolens 917-1774C, Cub Cadet 917-1774C, MTD 917-1774C, Sears Craftsman 917-1774C, Troy Bilt 917-1774C, Extreme X0065, Extreme X0008, Extreme X0065-K, Extreme X0008-K
Diameter 5-7/8" Pulley
Size Shaft size 1", 5/8" Belt